The vast majority of children in the world share one experience, no matter where they are, and that is going to elementary school. Despite the difficulties in many countries, elementary schools are an indispensable part of society. They deserve all the attention possible from political and social groups. At McCabe School, we know this importance, and that is why we are dedicating this website to providing teachers and students with tips and suggestions on how to improve the elementary school experience, with an emphasis on new technologies.

Brain Games as Allies

On the children’s side, elementary schools have many challenges to overcome. One of them is related to their interest in education. When there is little interest, brain games are a possible intelligent answer that both teachers and parents should use.

At McCabe School, we understand this reality. So we provide several tips for incorporating brain games into academic life that can be very useful to students. This also contributes to the gradual implementation of technological tools in schools.

New Challenges for Elementary Schools

There are circumstances in which the importance of elementary schools is put to the test. The pandemic generated by Covid-19, for example, has caused elementary schools to close for many months and migrate everything to the internet.

In the future, even more difficult challenges will arise. We at McCabe School offer sound advice on adapting to the difficulties and how to respond to the challenges with more technology that can be used by all school community members.