One of the primary concerns of teachers in educational centers today is that their students can learn in an effective and fun way. That is why, given the existing circumstances of confinement and quarantine, traditional education has changed to offer children and young people technological tools and innovative online activities to ensure that the process of teaching and learning reaches and meets the purpose of education in elementary schools.

Some teachers are always asking, how can I actually teach online? What type of strategies will my elementary students receive? The answers to these questions have created several ideas that have had to be implemented to ensure our children’s education, even in times of a pandemic.

Here are three of the most widely used and innovative ways for teachers to teach and evaluate online.

1. Digital Exhibitions

This strategy allows the students to prepare support material for a specific subject. For example, it could be a poster, a song, or a dance through a video recording. With a digital exhibition, the teacher can see the development of the activity and evaluate it later.

2. Mind Maps

Although mind maps exist in the classroom, this form of teaching is also being used online by students and teachers. Through a diagram, the student presents ideas, concepts, keywords, and images that revolve around a specific topic assigned by the teacher. Among the advantages of mind maps are that it is possible to order the information according to its importance. This strategy encourages creativity, memorization, and concentration.

3. Chat Forums

Through a chat forum, the teacher invites an expert in a given topic to share and teach the participants through a video call. All students on a course can participate and ask questions of the expert or simply leave their own contribution regarding the topic.